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Start an Investment Club – Your Guide and Links

Start an investment club and watch your portfolio develop. To help you organise and navigate the set up process, the formulation of rules and to alert you to pitfalls, read on and get started!

The benefits of an investment club are clear:

  • You can select a group with the capital (financial and intellectual) to devise a considered strategy
  • New ideas can be sounded out in a social atmosphere
  • A well organised club reduces risk

Joining an established club is also an option, but you are then bound by that club’s rules and investing strategy.

Even if this is a social club, take the time to set this up correctly. Agree on each of the discussion points and set these out in a formal set of signed rules. These will govern the running of the club.

This guideā€™s aim is to make the set up process easier for you. If there is anything you feel is missing please contact the team on the FAQ page. We will do our best to investigate for you and include on the site to help others.